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Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Web Application Development | Website Development

Web Application development is the development of website that works on internet or intranet. Web development involves in developing two types of pages; one is simple and static website or application and the other is dynamic or complex applications or pages. Dynamic application or are combined with server side programming where as static are developed using simple HTML. These dynamic applications are interactive with the user and can give a real time user experience.

Examples of Web Applications are Online Banking, eCommerce / Shopping Cart Applications, Social Networking, Online Forums, Online Reservations, Online Training, Online Polls, Interactive Games, Blogs, Content Management Systems etc.

The development of web application goes under many stages like requirements gathering, planning, research, analysis, documentation, design, development, testing, training, and deployment. Through all these stages we maintain transparency with customer to explain the possibilities without misleading clients.

ServiceJoy, as a application development company, we develop clear and quality applications with proper coding so that the application performs without any errors. Our development team sits along with the SEO team to make the website search engine friendly, this can help you to stand in the top search results.

Benefits of Web Application Development

Types of Web Applications:

Static Web Applications:

Static web applications have very limited functionalities and it displays very less content and not flexible. This could be suitable for individuals who maintain professional portfolios, digital resumes just to display their basic information.

When you develop static websites, it is difficult to modify the content on the page. You cannot make changes directly; first you should download the HTML code, modify the content and then yo have to upload it back in the server.

Web Application Development | Website Development

Dynamic Web Applications:

Theses web applications are complex at technical level, but for the users it is simple and easy to use with lots of features. Updating and modifying content is easier since there is an administration panel that allows users to modify. And no need to update the server each time you modify or add any content.

E-Commerce Applications:

E-commerce, this word doesn’t need much introduction since people are more used to e-commerce applications these days. Since, e-commerce applications include financial transactions, it is vital to take security measures. E-commerce apps are interactive with customers and user-friendly.

Apart from the above, ServiceJoy also develops portal web applications, animated web applications, Content Management Systems, and many more.

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