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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration | API Integration

Payment Gateway Integration is a merchant service provider that authorizes credit or debit card payments. Payment Gateway facilitates the transmission of information of a transaction from one bank to another bank through merchandise. It is virtual point-of-sale application that makes the financial transaction between buyers (e-commerce business) and sellers. It encrypts the confidential information like bank details, credit or debit card details and performs a secure transaction between the merchant and the buyer.

Processing of payment gateway:

Types of Payment Gateways:

Payment Gateway Integration | API Integration

Basically we have two types of payment gateways, online and offline payment gateways. Online payment gateway is further classified into two: Merchant payment gateway, and Third party payment gateway.

Merchant Payment Gateway:

This type of payment gateway allows the e-commerce business to have a merchant account. For this, it needs expertise to develop and handle but it is beneficial than other payment gateways. To prevent any fraud, it is important to install a secure protocol.

Third Party Payment Gateway:

These are already developed (ready to use) payment gateways and all you need is just to integrate it to your e-commerce business. Examples of third party payment gateways are Paypal, PayUmoney, CCAvenue, Axis bank, ICICI, Authorise.net, Google Checkout, etc.

Offline Payment Gateway:

This type of payment gateway is suitable for websites with limited access. It is performed over an intranet where group of hospitals, institutions, universities are interconnected.

Why to have your own payment gateway?

Since transactions involve payments, it is important for them merchants to gain the trust of the customers with a secure payment gateway method.

To build your own payment gateway, contact ServiceJoy. We have talented team of developers who have already built and integrated payment gateways for our happy customers. We build robust and secure payment gateways to carry all your online transactions.

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