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GPRS Tracker

GPRS Tracker

GPRS is an acronym for General Packet Radio Service. It is the widely used wireless data service which is available with almost GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and cellular networks. A vehicle tracking device uses these networks to track.

ServiceJoy is a software development company providing vehicle tracking system, working on GPS Based Software Product development. We provide GPS-based Solutions for all kind of Industries. We develop an application that runs on operating systems like

How does it work?

Using a mobile phone or tablet can calculate the location while it can receive a radio signal from GPS satellites in space. This software can be used to record locations at regular intervals and sync them onto the internet when an internet connection is available.

These recorded locations can be viewed later on a map from the desktop, laptop, or even a mobile device.

What all things needed to use this software?

It is best suitable to track employees who go for field work, courier deliveries, safety purpose, sharing your holiday trips and other personal use.

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