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E-commerce Web Development

E-commerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development | Ecommerce Apps

World has changed a lot with in very less span of time. People are becoming much smarter with their smart devices. With a tremendous increase of internet users in India, it is expected that Indiaís e-commerce industry may touch $38 billion mark in 2016. So, e-commerce business can be the best opportunity for companies to connect with the customers.

As e-commerce is the game changer in nearby future, we all know that lots of B2B and B2C online based websites are being developed daily and getting good ROI in their business. So, itís your turn to make your business ready for the online growth through an e-commerce online portal.

Everything is available at fingertips, so itís time to load your customerís online shopping carts with your products. All you need is just an e-commerce website for your business to make the shopping process easier for your beloved customers.

Thinking of how to design a website? No worries, just give us your requirements and we will develop a creative website for you. We have knowledge-packed in-house developers to create magnificent user-interface. Whether yours is a small, medium, or a high level enterprise, we develop online solutions for all your business needs. Rather than believing in one-size fits all, we believe in tailored solutions concept- this is because every individual business has its own specialities and needs, so we develop custom-made solutions for each individual customer.

Some of our unique features are:

Responsive websites:

Ecommerce Web Development | Ecommerce Apps

Responsive websites allow you to view the webpages in response to the size of the deviceís screen. This approach can make the viewing process, navigation and reading the text easier across wide range of devices like mobiles, laptops/desktops, and tablets, with minimum scrolls, resizing and panning.

Secure Payment Gateways:

Security is an integral part of payment gateway, it is more important to protect the sensitive information of credit/debit cards. As e-commerce convenience is increasing, the need of secure payment gateways is much. This can improve the customer service and decrease the late payments.

Customized Solutions:

As every have different tastes, like wise every business has different requirements. So it is important to understand the customerís requirements and develop a website accordingly. We have a very great team who can listen to your specific requirements and give a custom-made satisfactory web-site for your business.

Easy User Interface:

Be how much attractive your website is, but when the user interface is not simple and easy the customer will definitely jump to another website. Itís all about designing user-friendly yet attractive websites with latest design and technology to make the customer stay on the page and buy a product.

At ServiceJoy, we have a great pool of talented developers who can offer you effective e-commerce web designs for small, medium, and large businesses. Our years of experience can help in handling your online business and can make you reach globally. We believe in timely delivery, quality services and customer satisfaction can put us in the top, and so we work accordingly.

Just reach us with your business requirements and we can help you in bringing life to it.

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