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E-commerce Apps

Ecommerce Web Development | Ecommerce Apps

Having an e-commerce website? Just bring your website to the mobile platform with e-commerce app builder. It is good to have an e-commerce website, but just think how many of us open our laptop/desktop to purchase a product. Not many, right? Yes, whether you say it as addiction, handy, or laziness, but people are more dependent on mobiles than Personal Computers.

Mobiles can bring everything in front of your door. So, it is important to have an e-commerce app to get more customers and sales. Another benefit of e-commerce app is you can push notifications through the app and keep your customers updated with your latest offers and discounts of the products or services. ServiceJoy can design and develop such useful e-commerce apps.

What ServiceJoy can do for you?

  •     Design and Develop mobile e-commerce apps.
  •     Able to publish the developed apps in the official app stores like Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store.
  •     Track and monitor your app regularly.
  •     Send push notifications of promotions, offers, discounts etc.
  •     Increase the reach of your app using promotional plans.
Ecommerce Web Development | Ecommerce Apps

We have designed many apps that are unique, getting a decent share in the mobile commerce. Here are some features we deeply take care of while designing an e-commerce app.

On boarding:

This is the first impression you can create on the user even before sign-up. When a user opens the app, the look and feel experience must be awesome so that the user must voluntarily go for a sign-up process to explore your app. At ServiceJoy, we have special team of designers who are creative and innovative.

Going in to the app:

You got an app install success. Now, itís time to make the user a loyal customer from that install. All you can do is, create a smooth signup process without annoying the user to enter various details of them which irritates them and they leave the app. So, the sign-up process must be crisp and clear that user should finish it off in two or three steps.

Later when they go for a successful purchase, then you can seek their personal or financial information such as address, saving credit/debit card details for future purchases.

Refer and Earn Programs:

Stats show that referrals and word-of-mouth are two important and powerful ways of acquiring new customers. Yes, when a user delighted with your product or service, itís time to ask them to refer their friends and earn. This is as powerful as word-of mouth for a movie. So, plan a better refer and earn programs and keep your users engaged.

Push Notifications:

With your own app you have your own defined customers. You can send push notifications of latest products, discounts; and re-engage with your customers. But, donít be too active which leads user to uninstall your app.

Keep Engaging:

Donít just build and launch your app and leave it just like that. Start promoting your app for both existing users and new users as well. Advertise your app in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook to get new customers and drive them to app installs.

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